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Napkin - Dinner Hemstitch

Napkin - Dinner Hemstitch
Napkin - Dinner HemstitchNapkin - Dinner Hemstitch
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    $ 25.00

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    Monogram It?
    If you choose a Monogram Style and the middle letter is taller than the two side letters the sequence is First LAST Middle. If all 3 letters are the same height the sequence is First Middle Last
    Select Monogram Style
    Circle Circle
    True Circle
    Diamond D5
    Fish Tail
    Evening News 3 Lets
    G Lights 3 Lets
    Ross Times
    Evening News
    Block 2 Light
    Block 2 New
    Custom Script
    Fairy Script
    Diana Script
    Romeo Italic
    Select Thread Color
    A-Black #2d2926
    A-White #f2ebe7
    Ba-Bone Ivory #ecdcc8
    Ba-Perfect Tan Beige #C1A875
    Ba-Sienna Brown #744f28
    Bla-Egyptian Brown #453536
    Blu-Baby Blue #99BADD
    Blu-Royal #003087
    Blu-Sapphire #0047bb
    Blu-TH Navy #071d49
    Blu-Tropic Blue #6cace4
    Blu-Turquoise #0097a9
    Blv-Aquamarine #00a9ce
    Blv-Periwinkle #05c3de
    Bu-G15 Wine #840b55
    Bu-H3 Red #ce0037
    Burgundy #9b2242
    Gr-Erin Green #97d700
    Gr-Field Green #205c40
    Gr-Jungle Green #007b5f
    Gr-L3 Dark Green #034638
    Or-Orange #ff6a13
    Or-Tex Orange #fc4c02
    Pi-Hot Pink #e10098
    Pi-Wild Pink #e782a9
    Pink Bazaar #EFC6D3
    Pn-Coral #ff8674
    Pn-Peach #ffbe9f
    Pu-Iris #a77bca
    Pu-Tulip #c1a0da
    Purple Accent #44235E
    Sil-Aged Charcoal #54585a
    Sil-Banner Gray #a2aaad
    Silver Steel #ced5df
    Silvery Gray #8C8984
    Yel-Buttercup #f1b434
    Yel-Star Gold #f6be00
    Yel-Sunflower #fedd00
    Yel-TH Gold #F2CE68
    Monogram Type
    Single (1) Letter Monogram
    Two (2) Letter Monogram
    Three (3) Letter Monogram
    Single (1) Line Monogram
    Two (2) Line Monogram
    Single (1) Letter Monogram
    First Letter
    Two (2) Letter Monogram
    Remember, letters are embroidered in the order you specify.
    First Letter
    Usualiy your first inital
    Second Letter
    Usually your second or last initial
    Three (3) Letter Monogram
    Remember, letters are embroidered in the order you specify.

    However, there are traditional monogramming decorum rules you should consider based on your choice ofMonogramming Style chosen above.
    Equal Height
    Non-equal Height
    If your chosen style hasall 3 initials of equal height,  then simply use yourFIRST,  MIDDLE andLAST name initials for yourFIRST,  SECOND andTHIRD letters respectively.
    If your chosen style hasinitials of non-equal height,  then simply use yourFIRST,  LAST andMIDDLE name initials for yourFIRST,  SECOND andTHIRD letters respectively.
    Either way, your order will be customizedexactly in the order you provide.
    First Letter
    Second Letter
    Third Letter
    Single (1) Line Monogram
    You can monogram full names or sayings.
    First Line Text
    Two (2) Line Monogram
    First Line Text
    Second Line Text
    Gift Wrap?
    Gift Wrap Message
    Message Text
    (Optional) Provide a message to include in your gift



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