Join our free sales program; as a sales partner, promote our products online; we pay you 20 cents per click per visitor, and 5% sales commission on all orders

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Sales Program

Promote our products online by sharing links on websites, blogs, social media, marketplaces, forums, discussion boards and email, and earn 20 cents per click per visitor that clicks on the text or banner ads to visit our website. And, should anyone you bring to us end up buying a gift or making a purchase, we even pay you another 10% sales commission on the order.
It's completely free to join.
But, you must be a United States resident in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.
It's easy & fun.
Join and create your sales partner account in minutes. The simply access, copy or download our free text and banner links. Finally, share these anywhere online you like: on your websites, blogs, social media pages, marketplaces, forums & discussion boards or even email. It does not matter where you share, we pay you the same 20 cents per click per visitor.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is it all about?
Our Sales Program is all about promoting our unique gifts for friends, family and home to anyone and everyone. Our program designed to help potential customers know about and find our products online when shopping for those special occasions like birthdays, father's and mother's days, weddings, and so on.
Who can join?
Any United States resident in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut can join. You must be an adult, over 18 years old, and able to receive commission payments with Paypal. 
What do I do once I join?
You promote our products online by simply sharing links to our unique gift products with friends, family and everyone you can reach on your websites, blogs, social media pages, marketplaces, forums and discussion boards, and even email.
What is in it for me?
We pay you 20 cents for click per visitor for anyone that clicks on the links you shared to visit our website. It does not matter if they buy something or not, we pay you 20 cents just for bringing them to us. However, if the visitor ends up making a purchase, we pay you an additional 10% sales commission on the purchase.
How do I know how much I earn?
We provide comprehensive reports you can access in your account anytime.
Our clicks report shows you the traffic you are bringing to us, and how much you are earning from from our pay per click plan. 
Our commissions report shows you the commissions you have earned, what's paid and what's due to be paid.
You receive timely email alerts when you generate sales, or earn commissions.
When do you pay commissions?
We automatically pay all commissions earned every month, on the 1st of every month. All commissions are paid via PAYPAL, so you must be able to receive payments via PAYPAL.
Can I withdraw my commissions whenver I want?
No. All commissions earned are automatically paid every month, on the 1st day of every month.
What links do I promote?
Go to our links and banners page to access, copy and download text or banner links that you can share and promote online.
How does your link tracking technology works?
When you join, you are issued a unique Partner ID
Your Partner ID is embedded in the links that you share online, and our tracking system uses your Partner ID to track the traffic that you send to us.
For example, if you want to share our home page / website ( ), you will need to embed your Partner ID to the link as such ( ). 
Our system is flexible, so using this format, you can easily share and promote any page on our website.
The text and banner links that we provide on our links page for you is already modified to include your Partner ID.
We keep traffic data for 3 months, so any customer that returns to make a purchase within 3 months will still be credited to your account.
Where is my Partner ID?
To view or locate your Partner ID, simply log into your account. Your Partner ID is printed in your account summary.
I have another question...
Please create a Helpdesk ticket. We will respond within 24 hours.
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